National Handloom Day

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The National Handloom Day essentially goes back to Gandhi’s time when he used to weave simple cotton fabrics on his Chakra. This National Handloom Day was declared after a lot of strife and request at the part of the Central Government just last year. This tradition was inaugurated last year in Chennai by Prime Minister Sh. Narender Modi.

The basic objective for the observation of this day is to spread awareness about the handloom industry and promote this industry so that more and more people know about the rich cultures and traditions of the country they call themselves a citizen of. It is to pay a tribute to all those weavers and craftsmen who are employed in the handloom industry all over India which is close to 44 lakhs. The declaration of this day also aims at encouraging these employees and augmenting their confidence and pride in doing a job that represents the Indian culture and preserves its traditions till date. It is to honor them on a job well done since all these years of hard work and sweat.

All the State Governments have been instructed to make sure that this day is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show and that the Indian handloom industry is promoted not only in India but throughout the world.

This day is said to mark and commemorate the Swadeshi Movement of 1905 and has been a step in the right direction by the Honorable Prime Minister of India. The Prime Minister also promoted this industry on a global scale and stressed the importance of being aware of this industry. This function in Madras was attended by more than 3000 weavers from around the country and this day marked a revolutionary change in the right direction of the preservation of the Indian heritage and values that are still alive, thanks to these handloom employees and weavers who tirelessly work on the old fashioned equipment and still carry on this tradition from the Swadeshi Movement in 1905.

Several policy initiatives, as well as scheme interventions, were also introduced by the government on this day.

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