Rakshabandhan Celebration – Lungi Dance Style

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Rakshabandhan is a traditional Hindu festival which is celebrated throughout the world with great love and honor. It is a festival that celebrates the essence of love and duty present in the relationship shared between a brother and a sister. This festival not only signifies the bond between biological siblings but also appreciates any kind of brother-sister relationship shared between a man and a woman.

On Rakshabandhan, a sister ties a sacred thread, called rakhi, on her beloved brother’s wrist who vows to protect his sister against any trouble and problems in her life. The rakhi itself is a symbol of the sister’s love and prayer for her brother’s well-being. This beautiful exchange of feelings in the form of a festival is a humbling experience for the entire family. It is one of those festivals which depict the importance of families and the bond shared between them.

This joyous festival is not just about celebrating the bond but it is also a special occasion where siblings exchange presents as well. Brothers generally present their sisters with gifts and the sisters likewise gift their brothers with things they like.

This year, we have a new recommendation for sisters to add a colorful twist to their otherwise sweet tooth gifts. Here at Lungiwala, we are offering a wide range of Lungis that can be gifted to brothers to make this event a more fun and happier one. Lungi is not just a trendy option but it is an affordable choice as well. You can find almost any kind of lungi within your budget at the Lungiwala.

Plain lungi, printed lungi, batik lungi, patterned lungi or colorful lungi, you can find almost any kind of lungi from our collection which has over thousands of different styles and designs. Not just that, we also have many different types of embroidered lungis and the popular cotton lungis as well. Lungi is a great gift choice as it is more of a utility gift which will be used regularly by your brother and every time he wears it, he will be reminded of you and the special occasion.

Although it is a festival of brothers and sisters, the whole family is involved in the celebration. Uncles, aunts, cousins and neighbors, everyone celebrate this occasion together as one single family. All the relatives gather and perform puja and follow other customary practices with great joy and enthusiasm. Hence, one can also choose to gift lungi to her father, uncle and other relatives as well. In fact, even a man can buy lungis for his friends and relatives.

In India, all festivals are considered sacred and important. The serenity and purity of a lungi as a gift and as a symbol of respect only adds more value to the occasion. LungiWala is your one stop solution to buy any kind of lungi at cheap and competitive rates. We value traditions and relationships just like a family member.

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